A Taste of Spring

I’ve got to say that I’m quite happy to see the backside of January and February. I’m looking forward to the optimism of spring – a rebirth, renewal and recharge.

Saw a loon on the river yesterday – one of the few stretches not ice-covered it would seem. What a wacky winter this has been, but the rhythm of a season beating to a close has begun.

As the promise of change continues, I’m finding myself creatively inspired and willing and able to take on projects that were daunting a month ago. Part of this is no doubt due to an escape south for a week of desert glory – in Big Bend National Park, Texas. Birds sang, sun shone and water flowed. We camped, hiked, explored, talked, laughed, gazed, and stole precious time to rest weary souls.

No matter that we came back to a slam of winter; we tasted spring and it was delicious.

Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit,
and as vital to our lives as water and a good bread
– Edward Abbey