Canoeing the Green River, Utah

Our friends (new to the river) lost sleep the night before we set off on our journey, worried that it was going to be a challenging paddle.

Floating the Green (photo: M. Kopp)

Floating the Green (photo: M. Kopp)

We promised prehistoric sites and geological wonders – all we saw was rock, rock, and more rock.

Boulder glyphs near Turk's Head (photo: M. Kopp)

Boulder glyphs near Turk’s Head (photo: M. Kopp)

Campsites were tough to pick.


Camping on the Green (photo: M. Kopp)

And the dining room? Ants and sand, everywhere.

Dining a la Green! (photo: M. Kopp)

Dining a la Green! (photo: M. Kopp)

If you go – and really, why would you? – just remember, I never promised you a rose garden.

Prickly Pear in full glory. (photo: M. Kopp)

Prickly Pear in full glory. (photo: M. Kopp)

Alberta Rockies: Spring Hiking

Lady Mac near Canmore, Prairie near Bragg Creek – Alberta Rocky Mountain hiking is looking good this spring – even with recent snowfalls!


Overlooking the Bow Valley from Lady Mac (photo: M.Kopp)

Tips from those who’ve been there:

  • Check for ticks after every hike, especially on dry, south-facing, bighorn sheep-favoured slopes – bloodsucking season is upon us!
  • Wear hiking boots, use ice grips and carry hiking poles – the bloody knuckles and bruised behind (her words, not mine) of another hiker coming down off Prairie Mountain in shorts and running shoes says it all!

Summit of Prairie Mtn (photo: B.Kopp)