Hiking Black Rock in the Ghost Wilderness

I hadn’t been up Black Rock in the Ghost for over 10 years. And I probably wouldn’t have been this past weekend if fate – and Twitter – hadn’t intervened.

Let me explain.

As a writer, I’m always trying to keep up on social media – making sure I have a presence, build a brand, ya-da ya-da – you know, all those things a writer needs to do in order to stay current. Building up a following means following others and I’ve been selectively finding like-minded people/groups to follow.

Friends of the Ghost was just such a group. I followed them; they followed me back. And then they sent me a note:

Hike? Black Rock? With the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society? On a day with no looming deadlines? I’m in!

Crossing the Ghost! (Credit: M. Kopp)

Crossing the Ghost! (Credit: M. Kopp)

Oh boy, was I in! Beyond a rough gravel road and steep hill to the river valley, access includes glacial river crossings (don’t forget to pack water shoes). The hike itself is a strenous, 900-metre elevation climb with plenty of scree.

(Credit: M. Kopp)

Up, up… oh yeah… and up! (Credit: M. Kopp)

But the views just keep getting better!

(Credit: M. Kopp)

Nearing the summit. (Credit: M. Kopp)

At the summit, the old fire lookout dating back to 1930s stands as a weathered testament to the will of hikers. It’s a little beaten, a little ragged – but still standing!

(Credit: M. Kopp)

Black Rock Fire Lookout. (Credit: M. Kopp)

Thanks Friends of the Ghost, GWAS and Ghost Hikers for the carpool, conversation and company. Brilliant day!

Late day sun turns Black Rock golden. (Credit: M. Kopp)

Late day sun turns Black Rock golden. (Credit: M. Kopp)






New Kid’s Books

Between travel, hiking and writing kid’s books, there’s been little time for updating blogs. But I’m sure that will all change now that fall is here. Well…

Maybe it will change once hiking is done for the season… or after a trip to Turkey… or just before the snow flies and ski season is upon us… or…

Okay, maybe I’ll just share what I can when I can. These treasures poured out of the big box that arrived in the mail today – proof positive that I do work hard when not out on another adventure!

New books