About M.E.

When I’m not busy getting to know sled dog puppies, hiking the sand dunes of Death Valley or enjoying the Canadian Rockies – you can find me working on a travel or outdoor article about the experience! Life’s passions include family, friends, outdoor adventures, travel and of course – sharing tales.

My writing career began one dark and stormy night – literally – when my husband, a Park Ranger at the time, came home with the story of a mountain rescue that had Reader’s Digest drama-in-real-life all over it. Four months later I’d convinced an RD editor to give me a shot and six months after that I had a contract to write the piece. That is when the real work began.

Eighteen years later, with more than 500 clips to my name, I’m still excited by the stories and undaunted by the reality of the work. As with any freelance career, I’m the one who makes the wheels of the bus go round. This journey has taken my writing into the realm of children’s non-fiction, around the country with travel and outdoor adventure, and into the homes of like-minded parents.

I’ve written more than 70 children’s books for publishers such Crabtree Publishing Co., Capstone Press, Cavendish Square, Weigl Educational Publishers, and ABDO. Every fall and spring, I teach a continuing education travel writing course at Mount Royal University. I work occasionally as a contract writer for Travel Alberta. I’m always keeping my eyes open for additional writing opportunities. Enjoy your visit here, and please check back regularly as my site – like my life – is a work-in-progress!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or find pics of my latest adventures on Instagram!

“There are two weapons in the writer’s arsenal… The first is stamina and the second is uncompromising belief in yourself.” – Leon Uris

13 thoughts on “About M.E.

  1. I didn’t pay for that … honest!
    (Thanks sweetie, you know what’s in the mail ;))

  2. I agree with Ally!! This is fantastic and the photos are gorgeous (especially because you are in them and look so happy to be doing what you love!) So excited for you, Megan!

  3. Sheez – I’m blushing at the gushing…
    As an artist, you know how important it is to follow what’s in your heart Kate!

  4. Many thanks all! Writing has been my passion for years and I’m excited to have a new vehicle to share it with everyone… although I must admit that the learning is curve is little like learning to drive a standard after years on an automatic. Lots of gear-crashing!

  5. HI Megan,

    Nice to see what you have been up to and to put a face to the name. I look forward to reading your Bat piece for KNOW magazine. Are you familiar with the Brock Fenton book, BATS? Though a bit dated he is certainly an authority on the subject. He was a professor at Carleton University here in Ottawa when I was in school.

  6. Likewise Stephen – great to meet you via the world wide web as well! Been out the country; apologies for such a delayed reply.
    I’ve read Brock Fenton’s book – definitely an expert. I was fortunate enough to go out mist-netting bats with local batman Robert Barclay years ago. I think bats are pretty cool creatures. Can’t wait to read your features in Sept/Oct issue of KNOW!

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